About us

Screen Shot 2014-04-19 at 12.34.45 AMASL is a pioneer African shipping company with it’s headquarters Baltimore, USA. Africa Shipping Line-has become the trademark for shipping to Africa from the North America and around the world and has evolved to become one of the biggest shipping line company that swiftly moves your cargo to Africa.

Africa Shipping Lines does the shipment of vehicles units (cars) , Containers and project cargo to Africa. The Line already offers freight services between north america ports (Dubai, connecting to various African major ports that has served many shipping agents better.

Many shipping agencies across Africa have signed business co-operation with us hence the speedy arrangement in various ports which is a bonus for our customers. When you talk of our shipping rates to Africa, one finds that they are quite in-expensive considering that we are holding the biggest share in cargo movement to and from Africa.

Our Schedule

When is the best time to ship?

Summer time is peak season for shipping. African Shipping prices are fixed year round so any time is a good time. 

Can I buy insurance?

Sure, at time of placing your order you will be asked if you want insurance. The insurance will be added to your final invoice.


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